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LIMITED ATTENDANCE You may wonder, why learn Polish first if you can just learn Russian? Well, Polish is much easier to learn. It uses the same Latin letters as English, unlike Russian’s Cyrillic alphabet. The pronunciation of Polish also becomes easier thanks to this. A lot of people may think that Polish will take a long time to learn. But, don’t overestimate the difficulty or the time it takes to learn Polish. According to the US Foreign Service Institute, you can learn Polish in just 44 weeks or 1100 hours. But, with the best learning methods, you can reach Polish fluency faster than this. When you’re learning a second language, you’re spending your time and energy on it. So, you need to be absolutely sure you want to study that language. If you’re on the fence with Polish, we can’t blame you. It’s not the more popular foreign language to learn. But, Polish has a lot of strengths nobody talks about. Yes, a lot of people speak this language. Polish is the official language of Poland. Since there are 38 million people living in Poland today, you’ll surely find a lot of people to talk to. But, they also speak Polish outside of Poland. Hundreds of thousands of people speak Polish in Germany (867,000), Russia (67,400), the UK (660,000), France (275,288), and even the United States (580,153). So, overall, there are even more than 40 million Polish speakers worldwide.

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