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Japanese (FREE LESSON)


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Service Description

LIMITED ATTENDANCE Why study Japanese? Well let’s start with you. Why are you interested in learning Japanese? There’s a number of reasons why there’s a growing number of people interested in learning Japanese, and each have their own motivations. Many of them first became interested in Japanese through manga or anime. Then there are serious gamers who gained an interest for the country by playing Japanese games. There are history geeks enthralled with the interesting changes through the eras; foodies obsessed with Japanese cuisine; engineers, artists, business people, language nerds and all sorts of people learning Japanese. No matter your background, you are likely to find peers in Japan who understand you. Learning a new language (especially Japanese or other Asian languages) can open up a whole new world of literature, movies, music, games, anime, manga and other media to enjoy. The most popular media usually get translated to English. But, less popular Japanese movies or anime don’t get translated into English or their translations are not official and aren’t great quality. Speaking Japanese is a way to get to know the culture better and get to discover a side of Japan you would have never been able to without the language.

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