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LIMITED ATTENDANCE Everyone dreams about travelling to cities like Florence, Rome and Venice, and their fame is indeed well deserved. Italy in general is an extremely varied country because of its past, made up of divisions and internal borders. From north to south, from the seaside resorts to the extraordinary mountain landscapes, you can find stunning surprises just a few kilometres away from each other. But we think that there is only one, true way to get into the atmosphere of those incredible cities and towns, and it is by speaking a bit of the local language, to be able to communicate with the locals and immerse yourself in the places that they know and love. It seems obvious, but Italian is the main, effective means to discover the beauty of Italy, still a traditional and mysterious country. By learning Italian, you have the real opportunity to see yourself developing, as you go from learning your first words to having your first conversation to reading your first Italian book, and at the end, the sense of achievement will be like nothing else. You will finally find yourself able to grasp a different culture and to compare it with your native one.

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