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LIMITED ATTENDANCE If you’ve been thinking about whether it’s time to learn a second language, then you’re in good company. So many people – from children to adults – take up a second language at some point in their lives, as they appreciate the benefits it can bring, not only by allowing you to reach out and communicate to millions of new people but also due to the cultural enrichment that language learning has. If you’re looking at learning a language that’s prevalent in south-east Asia, then a great option is to learn Hindi. There are so many reasons why learning a second language can be beneficial. For example, there have been studies that suggest that being multilingual may help improve multitasking, make your memory better, and can also help improve your listening and hearing skills. So regardless of whether you’re eyeing up Hindi as your second language, or would like to learn another language such as Mandarin, French, or Russian, a second language can be really beneficial.

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