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Vitamin Korean 1

Vitamin Korean 1


The secret to healthy Korean study, vitamin Korean! Speaking, listening, reading, writing Korean skills are basic! Preparation for the TOPIK challenge is a bonus! The “Vitamin Korean Series” is an integrated textbook developed with the purpose of enabling learners of various nationalities to accurately understand and communicate the Korean language and culture with a variety of information and knowledge. It is designed to train the four functions of language through all learning activities, and to easily learn various language functions necessary for various professional fields including daily life. Reading comprehension, situational understanding, and problem-solving skills are developed through activities by area that are appropriate for the actual training site. Among the total of five chapters divided by subject, TOPIK type problems are practiced in the organized learning for each chapter to suit the learner's level. It is also possible to prepare for the TOPIK test.


“Vitamin Korean 1” starts with the composition of Korean consonants for beginner learners who are new to Korean, and learns the basic structure and expressions of Korean language with themes that foreign learners can experience familiarly at school or in daily life. Basic Korean communication skills were developed.


  • PDF File
  • 281 pages
  • English
  • Cho Jung Soon
  • Published on August 2017
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