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Learning Spanish (How To Understand and Speak a New Language)

Learning Spanish (How To Understand and Speak a New Language)


This course introduces learners to the Spanish language and the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Because the course is designed for learners with no previous experience with the language, the lessons begin with the building blocks of Spanish: the alphabet, the proper pronunciation of consonant and vowel sounds, and greetings and responses to greetings.


As you move forward in the course, you will be introduced to a variety of fundamental grammar topics, ever-increasing vocabulary lists, and cultural information that will teach you about the countries in the world where Spanish is spoken and help you understand how to use the grammar and vocabulary you will learn about in their proper cultural context.

The purpose of this course is not simply to teach you about Spanish, but rather to develop your language skills so that you can communicate successfully in the language. For that reason, the course includes a variety of components designed to allow you to practice and improve your abilities in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding spoken Spanish. This course exposes learners to a variety of cultural aspects in the Spanish-speaking world, both in the video lessons and in the Cultural Readings that are found in the workbook.


  • PDF File
  • 245 pages
  • English
  • The Great Courses
  • Published on 2015
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