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10 Must-Know Korean Phrases for Everyday Conversations

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As a language school, we are excited to share with you the "10 Must-Know Korean Phrases for Everyday Conversations" that will help you connect with native speakers and navigate daily life in Korea. These phrases are simple yet essential, and mastering them will go a long way in improving your language skills and boosting your confidence in speaking Korean.

"안녕하세요" (annyeonghaseyo) - This is a common greeting that you'll hear and use frequently in Korea. It sets the tone for a friendly and respectful interaction, which is highly valued in Korean culture.

"감사합니다" (gamsahamnida) - This phrase means "thank you" and is a polite way of expressing gratitude in any situation.

"미안합니다" (mianhamnida) - This phrase means "I'm sorry" and is used to apologize for any mistakes or inconveniences.

"어디에 있어요?" (eodie isseoyo?) - This phrase means "Where are you?" and is useful when meeting up with friends or asking for directions.

"뭐 먹을래요?" (mwo meogeullae-yo?) - This phrase means "What do you want to eat?" and is perfect for ordering food at a restaurant or suggesting meal options.

"얼마예요?" (eolmayeyo?) - This phrase means "How much is it?" and is useful when shopping or bargaining for prices.

"제 이름은 ___ 입니다." (je ireumeun ___ imnida.) - This phrase means "My name is ___." and is a great way to introduce yourself in formal settings.

"잘 지내요?" (jal jinaeyo?) - This phrase means "How are you?" and is a friendly way to ask about someone's well-being.

"화장실은 어디에 있어요?" (hwajangsil-eun eodie isseoyo?) - This phrase means "Where is the restroom?" and is useful in any public place.

"다음에 봐요!" (daeume bwayo!) - This phrase means "See you next time!" and is a friendly way to say goodbye.

By mastering these phrases, you'll be able to communicate effectively in everyday situations and connect with native speakers on a personal level. And what better way to enhance your language learning experience than with the help of native tutors on Our live classes with Korean tutors will help you practice these phrases and improve your overall language skills. So why wait? Sign up for today and start your Korean language journey with us!

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